blinking blur

pick a girl
build a tower
place a pedestal
on top
of it
and lay the girl
on top
of the pedestal
of rain
and tempests, and
the wildest wind, and the
 trembles of
the earth watch her
from beneath
write her
letters and stay
away and stare
at her admire
her distant
just close
enough to feel
the beauty of the blinking blur
you guess in
 the remoteness
is the tides of
that involves that sorrounds
that shakes her
into divinity stare
at her
even if it hurts
mostly if it
hurts force yourself
to stare at her
as to stare
at the enraged sun
and watch her dream of her
as she wasn´t
possible sing at her
as she fades
picture her
 all alone and
perfect and wait
 for her
to fall.

 and begin to love her
when she´s gone.